Zenhiser – Massive Dubstep Sounds (KSD.NMSV) VST Torrent

Zenhiser – Massive Dubstep Sounds (KSD.NMSV) Free Download


Zenhiser: Do you like it dirty, power-driven, and slammin, well if you’re talking about your dubstep presets then ‘Massive Dubstep Sounds’ is 100% for you? Every one of the 100 brand new dubstep presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth within this Zenhiser pack has been crafted and developed to supply an extreme amount of power, clarity, and drive. Broken up into multiple folders including bass, fx, leads, and pads, with mirror copies in .ksd and .nmsv presets means this pack delivers the whole range of dubstep sounds for all your productions.

With this dubstep arsenal under your belt, you can now deliver tracks and remixes that only top-end dubstep producers could do. The amount of time spent on these presets means all the hard work is done for you, just load up the preset you want and you’re ready to use and abuse the sound. Insane bass sounds including full-on wobbles and crunching bass drivers, screaming lead sounds, mind-blowing fx for transitions, and power pads to finishes this exclusive dubstep preset pack perfectly.

Be warned, the bass sounds will pound your speakers, and the leads, well just make sure you don’t leave yourself with hearing damage as you’ll keep turning up the volume while you mess around with these incredible ni massive dubstep presets. Want to hear what we are talking about, click the preview and set your volume to LOUD .nmsv to .ksd!

So what’s in Massive Dubstep Sounds, check this out:

Dubstep Bass – 45
Dubstep FX – 15
Dubstep Leads – 20
Dubstep Pads – 20

Please note: This dubstep presets do not include any drum sounds, for an awesome collection of dubstep drum sounds that will blow your mind check out The Dubstep Drum Kit 01 & The Dubstep Drum Kit 02

Please note: This is a synth preset pack that consists of patches for Native Instruments Massive Synth.

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