Storm Choir Ultimate Crack 2 Strezov Sampling (KONTAKT)

Storm Choir Ultimate Crack Strezov Sampling Free Download VST

Storm Choir Ultimate

Storm Choir Ultimate Crack: One of the most realistic choirs ever made. The Chamber Choir consists of 12 singers recorded from seven different microphone positions.

Additional Information Storm Choir 2 Free Download:

12-Piece Room Choir
Slavonic Molto Vibrato Tone
Seven mic positions (closed, section, deca, outrigger, balcony, rear overheads, and composite)
True legato samples for both women and men
Stack (overdub) functionality
Tightness functionality for all tonal crust and staccato
24 different syllables accessible via intuitive phrases or keyboards

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Main Sustain (Markatos) PP, MF, FFF
Female Sustains (Marcatos) PP, MF, FFF
Main staccatos PP, MF, FFF
Female stackos PP, MF, FFF
Men ah legato of-fff
Female Ah Legato MF-FFF
Male Atonal Sustain PP, MF, FFF
Female Atonal Sustain PP, MF, FFF
Main atonal stackos PP, MF, FFF
Female atonal stackos PP, MF, FFF
24 male whispers
24 female whispers
Men Oh Legato MF-FFF
Female Oh Legato MF-FFF
Solo soprano ah legato
24 Solo Soprano Stakatos
24 Solo Soprano Sustains
24 solo tenor staccatos
24 Solo Tanner Sustains

Publisher: Strezov Sampling
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
All samples are converted to .ncw format and packaged in .nkx containers


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