Soniccouture Vibraphone v2.0.0 Torrent 2021 (KONTAKT)

Soniccouture Vibraphone v2.0.0 Torrent Free Dow (KONTAKT)

Soniccouture Vibraphone v2.0.0 Torrent

Soniccouture Vibraphone introduces Vibraphone, a Vibraphone sample library. Essentially a mechanized version of a classic 20th-century metallophone, the Vibraphone adds continuous modulation to its resonating tubes with motorized blades that open and close holes in the resonator below the key and create a vibrating effect And the sound is all around.
Soniccouture sampled Vibrapton twice, with the blades open and the engine closed. Using LFO, you can not only achieve an authentic time-frame but also control the speed of vibration.

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