Rhythmic Grooves Truefire – Brad Carlton + Groove Builder

Truefire – Brad Carlton – Rhythmic Grooves + Groove Builder VST Crack [Guitar tutorial]

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Rhythmic Grooves thoroughly examines how rhythmic patterns are constructed, executed, and applied to various styles of music. This intensive study program will turn your whole understanding of rhythm right-side up.

You’ll start at ground zero “playing drums” on the guitar and learning how to get “in the pocket” and stay there. You’ll progress into the “ring/dead” technique with a variety of right-hand picking combinations. Slurs and ties are then introduced with techniques for deleting pick strokes. These approaches are then applied to creating and executing “bubble parts” for maximum groove. You’ll learn to master double and triple subdivision patterns, advanced cross-rhythms, and triplet rhythms. In short, Rhythmic Grooves will overhaul every aspect of your rhythm skills.

TrueFire’s resident educational guru, Brad Carlton authored Groove in Music as a follow-up to his highly popular Rhythmic Grooves curriculum; however, the material is an ideal stand-alone course for students with a relatively solid grasp of rhythmic figures.

Starting from the bottom up, Carlton demonstrates how to establish the foundation of a groove with bass and drum parts. These sections of the course teach students of guitar how to “hear” and analyze what’s going on rhythmically. This essential skill must be developed to create rhythm guitar parts that lock solidly into the groove; an ability that most intermediate players have not yet fully mastered.

Students work through a variety of grooves including 8th note, 16th note, shuffle, straight, swing, R&B, rock, funk, ballad, fusion, and blues. With each groove, the bass and drum parts are analyzed and the rhythm guitar parts are discussed and created accordingly. This is a particularly “ear-opening” series of lessons for players of all levels.

Now the fun begins. Once all of the grooves are established, the arrangements are flushed out and orchestrated with additional rhythm guitar parts, bubble parts, and then melody and lead parts. This construction process reveals all of the fundamentals and finesse required for composing or arranging tunes as well as learning how to “play nice with others” (read avoid train wrecks!) in any band or jam setting.

If you compose, arrange, record, play in a band or just jam with friends, What is Groove Builder is a must for your practice regimen and reference library. As with most Carlton study programs, this one’s no breeze, and students need to be prepared to invest the time to work through all of the material at their own pace.

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