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 Metropolis Ark 5 Free download

Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 5: Size may be king in the natural world, but sometimes the real power is below the surface. After all, some of the smaller insects are programmed to drop a six-ton ​​elephant. This latent symbiotic power manifests itself in the same way with Metropolis Ark 5 – Elite Orchestral Forces, which incorporates several approaches from the previous three collections, perfectly performed by the Metropolis Orchestra. The sections are not small – they are focused like the robot Maschinenmensch in the metropolis of Fritz Lang, all with unbridled expressive energy and a singularity of purpose. Likewise, the mixed wind sections are not instrumental in the conventional sense, but special combinations of colors that come together to create a large palette of virtual instrumentation. All performed and mixed so that the listener perceives them as a single sound.

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Like the oppressive calm before a storm returns, the sound is always powerful and aggressive. The dynamic range runs from pianississimo to fortississimo, but the underlying strength and bite are still there – every whisper is a controlled scream. In addition to the powerful rhythmic and melodic articulation sets, Metropolis Ark 5  Free Download provides the building blocks to create striking textures and orchestral effects. Shaped by the harsh environment, these sounds are edgy, unusual, and expressionistic. Metropolis Ark 4 includes an impressive variety of high, medium, and low string sections to choose from, not to mention the 10 mixed brass and brass sections. With a melodic percussion ensemble, Tuned Timpani & Tom Ensemble, and a whole host of percussion and drums on hand to control the rhythms. And for that extra emotional charge, there is a female and male choir at hand.

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As in the previous collections, Metropolis Ark 4 was recorded on the sublime Scoring Stage Teldex in Berlin. The balanced division – neither too wet nor too dry and with the best microphones of the past five decades at its disposal – takes our Berlin and Metropolis Ark series to a whole new level. Orchestral Tools’ Metropolis Ark series has never been a disappointment. Now in its fourth volume, previous incarnations have taken us to loud, silent extremes and a vibrant, pulsating orchestra. Now, Metropolis Ark 4 offers to offer what is arguably an even larger screen, but with a narrow sound focus. Sonically, the first full orchestral patch out of the box sounds incredibly impressive.


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Main Features of Metropolis Ark 5 Torrent:

  • Targeted section sizes
  • 10 unique blends of blow molding and brass
  • Male and female choir
  • Features extreme dynamics, articulation, and powerful legato
  • Requires a Kontakt (5.8.1 or later) or Kontakt reader
  • 98 GB of samples
  • 24-bit / 48KHz sampling quality


  • Works with free Kontakt reader or complete Kontakt 5.8.1
  • 98 GB of samples (47 GB NCW compressed)
  • 24-bit / 48 kHz patches

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