Logic Pro X Crack v10.6.2 – Mixing and Mastering – Lynda.com [Tutorial, ENG]

Logic Pro X Crack v10.6.2 – Mixing and Mastering – Lynda.com Free

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X Crack v10.6.2: In this course, composer and producer/engineer Sky Levin will share his professional mixing and mastering techniques using Logic Pro X. First, he will show how to prepare a project for mixing: from importing tracks to their visual organization. Then Sky will discuss working with the Logic mixer: controlling the passage of a signal, working with plugins, and using prompts and returns, groups, and an exit wizard. Next, Skye dives into mixing the song, encompasses balance, equalization (EQ), dynamics and compression, reverb and delay, automation, and bounce mix. Finally, Sky will cover mastering techniques, including the use of an equalizer, compressor, and limiter; setting the order of the compositions; and understanding how concepts such as bit depth, sampling rate, file format, and dithering can affect sound quality.

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In this course, it was his companion. Skye then discusses working with logic controls and controls for the master output. Next, you’ll find out what you’re looking for. Finally, Skye covers mastering techniques, including compression, and limiting; setting the song order; dosing affecting sound quality.

Introduction 2m 33s
Welcome 1m 9s
This course 43s
Using the exercise files 41s
1. Setting Up Your Project for a Mix 29m 6s
Importing audio into your project 8m 7s
Organizing your project 7m 43s
Using screensets and markers 5m 53s
Using Track Stacks 3m 55s
Using project alternatives 3m 28s
2. Working with the Logic Mixer 26m 1s
Touring the Logic Mixer 3m 2s
Reviewing signal flow 4m 7s
Using sends and returns 3m 57s
Setting up a submit 3m 56s
Using groups 1m 31s
Working with plugins and Channel Strip settings in the Mixer 5m 44s
Using the output channel and the master channel 3m 44s
3. Mixing a song 2h 8m
Choosing a mix approach 4m 26s
Balancing the mix 9m 33s
Understanding EQ 4m 16s
Applying EQ 10m 0s
Understanding dynamics and compression 7m 29s
Applying dynamics and compression 14m 52s
Understanding reverb 3m 57s
Understanding delay 5m 49s
Using reverb and delay 10m 14s
Exploring more effects plugins 7m 4s
Mixing vocals 9m 9s
Mixing a pop vocal track 16m 58s
Mixing acoustic drums 10m 36s
Mixing electronic / EDM drums 14m 8s
4. Automating and Bouncing Your Mix 22m 21s
Automating the mix 5m 21s
Using a control surface 6m 47s
Editing automation 3m 26s
Bouncing the mix 6m 47s
5. Mastering in Logic Pro X 45m 23s
Understanding mastering 6m 18s
Using equalization (EQ) to make multiple songs sound cohesive 11m 25s
Using 14m 28s compression and limiting to control dynamics
Auditioning track order 5m 21s
Understanding sample rate, bit resolution, file formats, and dither 7m 51s
Conclusion 1m 34s
Next steps 1m 34s

Example files: present
Video Format: MP4
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Audio : AAC, 48.0 kHz, 160 Kbps, 2 channels

Year of release: 2014
Manufacturer Website: www.getvstcrack.com
Posted by: Skye Lewin
Duration : 04:15:00
Type of handing out material: Video
Language: English

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