LiquidSonics Reverberate VST 1.911 RTAS x86 x64 Torrent

LiquidSonics Reverberate 1.911 VST, RTAS  Free Download

reverberate vst

LiquidSonics’ Reverberate VST is a highly efficient hybrid convolution reverb audio processor offering true zero-latency operation for two separate, stereo impulse responses for Mac and PC supporting VST, Audio Units, and RTAS. Reverberate provides a rich and dynamic reverb from impulse responses by modulating an amalgamation of two, separately controllable true stereo IRs using an LFO. Further modulation is possible using the post-processing effects; an all-pass interpolator chorus and delay unit provide a fuller sound and an over-sampled analog prototype paragraphic equalizer is provided with dual LFOs. These features make for a livelier, more creative sound than typically associated with some convolution reverbs.

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In addition to loading impulse responses from audio files, Reverberate can generate supplementary early reflections for additional control over a room’s sonic characteristics.


  • * Dual true-stereo convolution reverb
  • * Zero latency (or select up to 8192 samples latency)
  • * Early reflections module
  • * 144 Presets (including 93 true-stereo files)
  • * Double oversampled EQ with modulation per IR
  • * Linear-interpolation choruses for IR1, IR2, and post effects
  • * Stereo delays with modulation for IR2, IR2, and post effects
  • * Post EQ with LFO modulation
  • * Stereo widener with anti-phase reduction
  • * ADSHR envelopes with shape control
  • * Low CPU downsampling mode option
  • * Impulse response chaining
  • * Integrated preset and sample browsers
  • * Wav, SDIR, Aiff, and Flac file support


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