iZotope Alloy 1.01b Torrent (VST.VST3.RTAS) [Win x86 x64]

iZotope Alloy 1.01b Torrent (VST.VST3.RTAS) Free Download 2021

iZotope Alloy 1.01b Torrent

iZotope Alloy 1.01b Torrent provides key sound shaping effects for your tracks and busses, transfer them to life with six processors designed to allow the character to each component of your mix:
Dynamics: new Vintage mode, sidechaining, more.
Transient Shaper: enhance music sounds.
De-Esser: tame vocal sibilance.
Exciter: with Harmonic Scaling XY pad.
Limiter: zero latency, advanced part tools.
Equalizer: exceptional sonic quality, precise controls.
MacroPresets: over a hundred and fifty presets.


Alloy’s powerful 8-band equivalent weight offers precise controls and an oversized spectrum overlay to allow you smart visual feedback:
Enter equivalent weight settings visually or with precise numerical values.

  • Choose from Low Shelf, High Shelf, Peak, Lowpass, Sharp Lowpass, Highpass, and Sharp Highpass modes for every band.
  • Soft-saturation emulates analog EQs for a natural sound once pushed exhausting.
  • Alt-click and use your mouse to solo and nil in on downside frequencies.


Alloy’s Exciter options new Harmonic Scaling technology that helps you to add mild saturation to your tracks by emulating the sounds of tube pre-amps, tape, and alternative hardware devices in a very distinctive new manner. It’s excellent for adding refined character to everything from vocals to strings to drums.

  • Blend between totally different Harmonic profiles as well as Tube, Tape, junction transistor Associate in Nursingd a lot of with an XY pad.
  • Switch to Multiband mode to use color to totally different frequency ranges severally.
  • Unique spectrum meter shows you which of them frequencies area unit being full of the Exciter.
  • Integrated stereo breadth management permits you to slim or widen totally different frequency bands.

Transient Shaper

Shape music sounds and a lot of with Alloy’s straightforward and powerful Transient former module. Add a lot of “stick” to a snare, create a kick drum less boomy, or perhaps apply Transient Shaper to beat or plucked instruments to fine-tune their attack character. strive Multiband mode for the shaping of a lot of advanced material like drum loops and busses.

  • Perfect for shaping drums and alternative music sounds.
  • Concise controls allow you to boost or cut the attack and sustain parts of transients with adjustable time values.
  • Adjust sounds in numerous frequency ranges with powerful Multiband mode.


Smooth out vocals or slam your drum buss with a Dynamics module that mixes the simplest characteristics of analog and digital compressors. whereas several “vintage emulated” dynamics plug-ins area unit helpful on just some material, Alloy will switch between tasks with ease. Advanced sidechaining and a multiband mode create this a flexible mix tool.

  • Vintage mode combines a forgiving multi-stage unharness curve with program-dependent characteristics;
  • Digital mode provides clean, linear compression.
  • Gate/Expander provides gating and even upward compression effects.
  • Sidechaining helps you to trigger the mechanical device OR circuit from external sources – even to individual frequency bands in Multiband mode.
  • Cross-chaining helps you to trigger dynamics processes on one band with audio from another, for utterly new gating and ducking prospects.
  • Two dynamics stages for parallel compression effects.
  • Soft Knee, RMS, and Auto-gain modes; single or multiband operation.


The tame vocal sibilance and harsh high frequencies in alternative instruments. Alloy’s De-Esser helps you to zero in on sibilant frequencies with a simple-to-use spectrum graph. It’s excellent for transparently regnant in vocals, cymbals, and alternative high-frequency downside spots.

  • Spectrum meter with solo management helps you set the De-Esser quickly and simply.
  • Multiband mode affects simply the sibilant frequencies; Broadband mode affects the total signal supported by the sibilant band.
  • Control over De-Ess attack and unharness times.


Alloy’s circuit module acts as a zero latency loudness maximizer for busses and tracks, mechanically adding gain as you pull down the edge. Or use it to stay a lid on your levels with a straightforward and economical Brickwall circuit.

  • Brickwall mode for keeping peaks underneath zero in the slightest degree times; Soft mode for a lot of forgiving, sleek limiting.
  • Phase Tools panel helps you to optimize the symmetry of vocal and instrument waveforms to induce a lot of overall loudness.
  • Zero-latency mode ensures your tracks and busses keep in synchronize, even in hosts while not effective latency compensation.

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Alloy comes with over a hundred and fifty presets designed to allow you the right place to begin for a broad vary of blending tasks. MacroPresets customize Alloy’s show to point out you simply the sliders and meters you would like for the task at hand, providing you with powerful planned signal chains with straightforward controls, creating every planned desire its own custom-tailored plug-in.

  • MacroPresets mix the foremost helpful parameters and meters for a planned into one helpful read.
  • Over a hundred and fifty presets enclosed covering individual instruments, ensembles, busses, utility tasks, broadcasting & podcasting, post-production, and a lot of.
  • Create or customize your own MacroPresets that show custom configurations of controls in Alloy’s Macro screen.

Alloy options / Specification:

  • Six exactness tools for mix in one integrated system: Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, De-Esser, Transient Shaper, and circuit.
  • Load one plug-in for all of the essential equivalent weight, dynamics, and sound-shaping effects you would like on your tracks and busses. Save custom presets and impact chains to suit needs.
  • Phase Tools panel includes part invert controls, and a zero-latency part rotation management to enhance wave symmetry.
  • Easy to navigate, forward-thinking UI with precise controls and intensive visual feedback for setting modules.
  • All modules feature helpful meters that provide you with essential feedback for setting controls.
  • Zero-latency mode prevents synchronize issues in hosts like professional Tools autoimmune disease.
  • Completely user-customizable signal routing with 2 dynamics stages, sidechain mapping, and a lot of.
  • Dynamics, Exciter, and Transient Shaper have each single and multi-band operation, providing you with a lot of simplicity or a lot of management betting on the task at hand.
  • Includes a large variety of presets that vary from the straightforward and helpful equivalent weight and Dynamics configurations to advanced chains that use all six modules.
  • MacroPresets mix key controls from any combination of Alloy’s six modules into a custom UI that shows simply what you would like to ascertain.
  • Sidechaining support for VST, AU, RTAS, MAS, and DirectX hosts helps you to management the Dynamics section from alternative tracks in your combine. affect the total signal or zero in on simply the frequency vary you wish with advanced multiband sidechaining.
  • Cross-chaining permits you to trigger the dynamics section with another band of constant input supply for never-heard-before compression and gating effects.
  • Powerful progress tools create your life less complicated — the History list helps you to return in time, and also the integrated planned editor helps you to browse, manage, and customize presets simply.
  • Simple authorization helps you to choose from straightforward challenge-response (up to three machines for private use) or iLok.

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