HGSounds – Cassetto (KONTAKT) VST Torrent

HGSounds – Cassetto (KONTAKT) VST Torrent Free Download


HGSounds: Homegrown Sounds has released Cassetto, a synthesizer emulation for Kontakt with a unique character.

At its heart, it has multi-sampled oscillators sampled from Cassette using the raw oscillators of an Analog Four Synthesizer as the sound source. It is a full-featured synthesizer with a built-in preset system and the ability to save your own.

It makes full use of the larger GUI size (1000×700) that Kontakt 5.6 introduced so that all parameters are on the screen to make creating sounds easy.

An advanced ArpeggiatorARP, but with an additional 6 sequencers for targeting parameters such as pitch, step length,  and pan. Each seq, cancer can have its own independent step size, ing, leading to some complex polyrhythms with little effort.

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Cassetto is being launched with a ‘no brainer’ Group Buy for $14.99 and for every 50 people that sign up a free product of your choice will be added to the deal from the HGS Kontakt and Synth Preset Releases.

Cassetto Highlights:

  • 2 Oscillators with both multi-sampled cassettes sampled sound and single-cycle Waveforms.
  • Noise Oscillator sampled from Tape.
  • Unstable for warbling the oscillator pitch.
  • Dual Filters with a large choice of filter types.
  • Parallel Filters or One for each Oscillator.
  • 2 LFOs with selectable Waveforms, LFO1 resets on the note, LFO2 is free running.
  • Random LFO of the Filter.
  • Filter Envelope for the Cutoff, Pitch, and Optional Volume of Oscillator 2.
  • VCA Envelope for Volume Control.
  • Reverb with 50 Impulse Responses.
  • Delay.
  • Modulator with a choice from Chorus, Flanger, or Phaser.
  • Arpeggiator with Sequencers for various parameters.
  • Preset Browser with the ability to save presets.
  • Global Randomizer and Default, with the ability to save your own Default preset.
  • Section Default and Randomizer buttons.
  • over 200 Presets (with more to come).


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