GSi MrRay73 Mark II v2.0.3 (VST) [Win x86] VST Crack

GSi MrRay73 Mark II v2.0.3 (VST) [Win x86] Registration Key


GSi MrRay73 Mark II is a digital simulation of the famous American electro-mechanical piano of the seventies. This is the second version of MrRay73, with a huge difference in sound and functionality.

Summary of the main features:

  • Full Polyphony (73 notes E – E).
  • No note-stealing.
  • Adjustable single sound elements (metal, wood, pedal, and damper noises).
  • Sympathetic resonance and harp vibration.
  • Sustain pedal re-pedaling feature.
  • Six-stage vintage style Phaser effect.
  • Dual-mode Tremolo effect.
  • Power amp simulation (Suitcase model).
  • Adjustable wear of mallets and other elements (Piano Age).
  • Stretch tuning or Equal Temperament.
  • Four velocity curves plus an adjustable “Dynamic range” level.
  • Fully MIDI controllable with MIDI-Learn function.
  • Very Low CPU and memory usage.

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1) Extract folder MrRay73mk2 to Your vstplugins dir.
2) Load MrRay73mk2.dll and MrRay73mk2_fx.dll and enter anything to
3) Try the soft.
4) Buy the soft.
5) Enjoy!!

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