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g0lfboy’s Tyler, The Creator Drum Kit Soundpack Torrent Download

tyler the creator drum kit

Continuing my exploration of g0lfboy’s Tyler, The Creator Soundpack, I watch IGOR’s gap track, IGOR’S THEME. The track opens with twenty-two seconds of sustained synth bass, options classic samples, Associate in Nursingd ends with an extended synth solo. during this article, I will dissect every synthesizer sound one by one and show the way to recreate all of them on ML-VST’s free PG-8X softsynth. This synth may be a tribute to the Roland JP-8X, a synthesizer that Tyler has in his studio and that was in all probability used plenty at IGOR, at the side of his Roland Juno. The XJ-8P has some options that Juno doesn’t have, like cross-modulation, a second DCO, and an extra envelope. These extra options area unit necessary for IGOR THEME sounds. I’ve seen Tyler’s sounds in Tyler’s articles, Creator Synth Sounds, looking at Flower Boy tracks, further as in my I believe Synth Breakdown.

IGOR battery

For drums on IGOR’S THEME, Tyler sampled Bob Welch’s song Attention with Head West, released in 1970. The drum break starts at 23 seconds: The drum sample is fantastic and the background screams add atmosphere to the groove of the drums. The pause time is between 79 and 80 bpm, and much of the groove is off the grid, meaning the trap hit just before or after the hit.


IGOR’S THEME opens the album with 22 seconds of sustained synth bass to set the tone for the rest of the album.
The sound was certainly coming from Tyler’s Roland XJ-8P; I tried creating the sound on my Juno, but without the cross-mod / ring-mod and the second oscillator I couldn’t make it sound right. The patch can be easily created in the free PG-8X synth software, which is a tribute to the XJ-8P.

IGOR keys

The beautiful synth chords that accompany Tyler’s vocal verses also are a probable candidate for the XJ-8P. The patch uses fine waveforms, filtering out high and low frequencies, besides, because the chorus result forms a patch that may keep within the background of a mix and provide chords in the background.

IGOR solo

To create the synth patch used on the IGOR’S THEME Extended Synth Solo, use a single sawtooth waveform performed via the Chorus Effect in Mode 1 as the starting point. We need to add some vibrato, as well as a quick filter attack, both of which are important parts of the main synth sound in IGOR’S THEME. For sound, raise the LFO fader within the DCO-1 section to four, then set the speed within the LFO section to a quick eighty-seven.
Put it all together. As with I THINK, there isn’t a lot of mixing magic at IGOR’S THEME, a lot of the sounds fit together naturally, and Tyler has built the music around attention span in such a way that it all fits together perfectly. the groove.

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A sound pack including 3 GB of sounds used and inspired by Tyler, The Creator

  • 6808 s
  • 5 palms
  • 14 battery breaks
  • 8 drum kits
  • 2 drum kits
  • 5 hats
  • 11 kicks
  • 22 midi files
  • 2 GB of orchestral sound sources (strings, metals, flutes, and more …)
  • 6 percussions
  • 9 traps
  • 6 samples
  • 6 SFX
  • 5 Sylenth1 presets
  • 7 synthesizers and sounds
  • 11 Vox

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