Full Max for Ableton Live Packs Free Download 2021

Full Max for Ableton Live Packs Free Download 2021

Max for Ableton Live Packs

Full Max for Ableton Live Packs is a collection of audio and MIDI effects, synthesizers, and control devices, with Max – for use for life.

Full Max for Ableton Live Packs Essentials consists of 16 instruments, 10 audio effects, and 8 MIDI effects. The pack also features demo live sets that showcase the new Max for Live Max and Drum Synths as well as Instrument, Audio, and MIDI effects racks. The maximum for the Live Essentials Pack includes:


BASS: A monophonic virtual analog synthesizer that provides a full palette of bass sounds in one device – from classically deep and clean to heavily distorted, rumble tones.

POLI: A virtual analog synth designed to play classic polyphonic chords and phrases. Its vintage character comes from de-tunable oscillators, a powerful modulation section, and a built-in chorus.

Multi: A highly versatile and fun multimode synthesizer that combines six synthesis engines into one device. Designed for intuitive sound generation, multi’s parameter controls change according to the selected mode, while the selected random control lets you search for inspiring, unexpected sounds.

Drum Synthes: 13 custom-made synthesizers for drum and percussion sounds, with velocity controls on just about every parameter. Try them for leads and bases as well.

Audio effects

Convergence Reverb: A sample-based reverb suite with hundreds of impulses from real-world locations and world-class hardware. Characteristic of two devices; Convergence Reverb and Convergence Rever Pro, with manipulation control, is a utility to create your own reverb space.

Buffer Shuffler 2.0: An improved version of Live 8’s Buffer Shuffler, with new effects for indexing (including stutter, gate, pitch, frequency shift, amp, and pain), as well as improved interface and redesigned interface with pattern storage. New options for “dice” mode give you a fine tune of how sequences change over time.
Pitch drop: The vinyl slows down the sound of the record after the turntable’s motor turns off. This minimizes the impact of sound.

Midi effect

Arp: An Advanced Pattern-Based MIDI Arpeggiator. It can sort, repeat, and transpose incoming MIDI notes, while also controlling many other parameters such as note length, velocity, and more.

Monosexpensers: The sequence of a melody according to a flexible grid, with separate dedicated sequencers for note, velocity, octave, duration, and note repeats. Notes can be locked on key and scale, and each sequence comes with an intelligent randomizer. Scenes can be synced with life, or triggered via MIDI input.

Instant Haus: A beat generator that is adapted for house music or broken beats and comes with a variety of patterns for both genres.

Note Echo: A MIDI echo with many distinctive features.

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Control Devices

A highly useful tool for deep control over your live sets and sounds.

MAP8: A utility macro device that is particularly useful with push and other eight-knob controllers.

LFO: A Full Max for Ableton Live Packs devices that uses LFO (low-frequency oscillator) to modify a single parameter in your live set. There is also a MIDI version of LFO.

Multipopper: A control device that allows you to map up to eight parameters anywhere in your live set.
XYPad: This allows you to control two live parameters with the XY Pad.
Envelope: Full Max for Ableton Live Packs device that uses an envelope function generator to modify a single parameter in your live set.

Envelope Follower: Full Max for Ableton Live Packs device that tracks changes in the volume of an incoming audio signal and uses this information to modify the mapped parameters.
Explore Max for Live Essentials for yourself, and discover how these tools and racks can enhance your music-making experience.


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