E-Lab X-Static Goldmine Vol.3 (NKI, WAV) VST Torrent

E-Lab X-Static Goldmine Vol.3 (NKI, WAV) VST Crack Free

E-Lab X-Static Goldmine

E-Lab X-Static Goldmine: Anyone who does whims and turns on the club floors to the end should be impressed by the sum of beautiful and strange music that seems to be constantly evolving. Get this nonsense, dance the bible for all the club’s underground music in your library and create the evolution yourself! 1500 House, Tekno, Garage & Jungle loops & samples, rave loops, 303 hooks, sub sound bass, train central whirlpools, mysterious sweeps, cushion pillows, House pianos, funky guitar, mentally insane FX, and more!
Prompt forever

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The theme is about the same as in 1 part. I don’t have the second part. The stuff is pretty old. The manufacturer apparently no longer exists. The stores are also missing. The link is given at least for something.

Content :

3146 WAV
827 NKI

Publisher: E-Lab
Format: NKI, WAV
Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz mono


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