Cymatics Project X Ultimate Sample Pack

Cymatics - Project X - Ultimate Sample Pack

Cymatics Project X: It’s been over a year since we launched our last serious soundbank. So, with Project X, we knew that we had to come back with something bigger and better than anything we’ve done in the past. To achieve this, our team spent many months experimenting with new synthesizers, learning new sound design techniques, studying the best songs, and more. We even hired everyone from 20 of the industry’s biggest producers to classical-trained pianists and guitarists to help make this package special.

So, with our new, improved skills and some of the industry’s greatest talent at our side, we’ve put together more than 2,500 amazing samples and loops with even higher quality, more exclusive, and more useful than anything we have. never done. And Project X was developed for absolutely all producers, regardless of skill level or gender preference. In the past, we created several genre-specific packages (like Infinity, which was best used for House or Nuclear production, which is only for Dubstep.

But Project X does not have these limitations.

Many artists on our team have created stellar tracks in genres like Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, House, Hip Hop, and even genres we never heard of before using ONLY Cymatics Project X.

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Cymatics Project X Limited Release, 1,250 Producers

This is an impressive collection of features that we want to show Project X owners only. For this reason, we cannot reveal any details about it. But we will say that there are some extremely valuable things that you need to put in your hands if you want to advance your career as a producer.

This is an incredible collection of voices inspired by legendary artists like Flume, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Diplo, DJ Snake, and Porter Robinson. It includes everything from vocal one-shots, vocals, and phrases to vocal loops, arcs, and even vocoder loops! In total, this Thing comes with 300 incredible voices that will help your songs sound professional and be ‘radio-ready’.

Regardless of the sound design, the quality of the mix, or any other aspect of the production … A beautiful melody and a good chord progression will ALWAYS be effective. And to help you start great songs and improve them, our team worked with professional composers and pianists to bring together this diverse collection of inspirational melodies and deep chord progressions. In total, it contains 250 stellar MIDI files that cover all keys and are suitable for ANY genre.

Screenshot Cymatics Project X:

Cymatics Project X Offline Installer Download

What is included in Project X?

=Drum loops

  • accumulation battery
  •  Fill
  • Charleston loops
  • Perc Buckles
  • Complete drum loops
  • Top loops

=Drum Shots

  • 808
  •  kick
  •  Snare drum
  • Applause
  • Snaps
  • failures
  •  Closed hi-hats
  •  Open Hihats
  •  Go up
  •  Percs
  •  Foley


  • Atmosphere
  • Downward elevators
  •  Impacts
  •  risers
  •  White noise
  •  White noise reduction
  •  various effects


  •  piano loops
  •  guitar loops
  •  Rope loops
  •  brass buckles


  •  Arp loops
  •  Drop Loops – Dubstep
  •  Drop loops – low future
  • chord loops
  • Drop Loops – House
  •  Drop Loops – Trap
  •  Melody loops – Rap and Hip-Hop
  •  shot synthesizers

Cymatics Project X

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