Croup – Filthy Drums Cracked (WAV)

Croup – Filthy Drums Cracked Free Download

Croup – Filthy Drums

Croup – Filthy Drums Cracked: Famous Hip Hop Drunk. Including Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Bosstones, Percussions, etc., designed and processed by Croup.

After a while, everyone praised him for the deadly drums, yet parted with Part 2.
Raising dirty drums where the deadly drums remain, the group decided to focus primarily on the drums for this volume.

Realized people usually have their own voices and samples, but that beat with bigotry assumes that we are, we are constantly seeking fresh, banging drum sounds. Some purists will remain, and do their own drums… I do that too, but I don’t sleep on the fact that other people have my records, gear, or even a different ear. All that comes to play. And when you want high caliber sounds at your disposal, you have to build a solid drum library.

Dirty Drums come with the same deep, crisp, dirty, sexy, headbanging you want from your drums. Not for Video friendly bubble gum pop tunes (not that there is anything wrong with it), these are those of you who like to walk on the muddy edge of the track. Watch the video.

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  • 183 bass drums
  • Snoring 164
  • 100 off Hi-Haat
  • 33 base stones
  • 10 Hi-Hat Loops
  • 29 open high-hot
  • 69 bump
  • 14 rims
  • 11 sugar
  • 20 clap
  • 7 slaps
  • 11 vinyl crackles
  • 5 rides
  • 685 standard WAV files (44,1 kHz / 16bit / stereo)
  • Bundles share: Deadly drums and filthy drums, super bundles
  • Format: Download

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