Capsun Pro Audio – Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop (WAV)

Capsun Pro Audio – Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop (WAV) VST Torrent

Capsun Pro Audio

Capsun Pro Audio: At first, we focused on inspirational melodic cuts and created a deep collection of melodic loops and wangshots. Full tunes and vinyl cutouts (from scratch), resampled live guitars, dusty pianos and rodes, vintage (and broken) synthesizers, and toy synthesizers. Processing and re-processing include bit-crushing, cassette, hardware emulation, and re-amplification. 808 bass hits and heavier chops add newer elements to the mix. Plus we added a few of our foley recordings and substantial crackle fx vinyl.
Immerse yourself in the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop kit with vanes and loops. Dirty beats, soft snares, and claps, raw percussion, and breaks. Everything has gone saturation, grit, and low-res. Cycles include un-quantized bits and glitchy percussion chops with folic sampling and melodic layers.
If you are in Lo-Fi Share, then you will like it. 24/7 YouTube streamers on YouTube, “homemade concentration and teaching bits” and jazz nostalgic origins.
Designed to perfectly inspire and complement Lofi Hip-Hop, Chill Hop, Downtempo Trap, and Dusty Electronica.

60 drums, hi-hats, and percussion loops
65 drums & percussion one-shots
192 melodic loops & one-shots including:
40 lofi melodic and lofi chopped melodic loops & one-shot
49 lofi keys & piano loops & one-shot
18,808 sub loops & one-shot
20 vocal loops & one-shotAlso Download: Splice Sounds Umru Sound Sample Pack

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